If you ever had any doubts that your spinal column serves as the hub of your body’s functionality, an encounter with severe back pain will no doubt put them to rest. This debilitating problem can interfere your ability to work, play, sleep, drive, or even move from room to room without assistance. It’s a miserable way to live — but fortunately, you don’t have to put up with it or undergo major surgery to stop it. That’s because you can find the relief you need through chiropractic adjustments and other all-natural healing modalities at Precision Chiropractic in Houston TX.

The Many Causes of Back Pain

Don’t be too surprised if you have no idea where your back pain came from. Chronic back pain commonly sneaks up on people as an end result of age-related issues such as arthritis, bulging discs (which inflame the vertebral joints), positional changes such as spondylolisthesis, and spinal nerve compression from the stenosis.

An untreated spinal misalignment or other imbalance can stress the muscles that support the spine, producing chronic aches and pains. A misalignment that pinches the sciatic nerve may produce both low back pain and leg discomfort (sciatica). Even a lifetime of poor posture or years of non-ergonomic working conditions can cause your back to hurt more or less constantly.

Other forms of back pain are tied to specific acute conditions. For instance, the physical and postural changes associated with pregnancy may cause back pain. Acute sports injuries, auto accident injuries, and workplace injuries can cause soft tissue damage, spinal misalignment and/or herniated discs in the back.

Our Houston Chiropractors Can Relieve Back Pain Non-Surgically

Severe back pain may conjure up unpleasant images of major surgery or a lifetime of painkillers — but thankfully, most back pain problems can be treated through conservative methods. Instead of subjecting you to invasive procedures or merely anesthetizing your symptoms with drugs, our team at Precision Chiropractic can work on the underlying causes of your back pain safely, effectively and non-surgically.

Our Houston chiropractors can administer a variety of adjustment techniques (such as Diversified and Activator Techniques) to restore spinal structures to their normal position, as well as Graston Technique to free muscles immobilized by scar tissue. Massage therapy can enhance the effectiveness of your chiropractic treatment sessions while also relieving pain and inflammation in injured back muscles. Kinesio taping with Rock Tape can enhance circulation and stabilize struggling back muscles, while corrective exercises help you get those muscles back into their optimal working order. We can combine multiple therapies into a holistic healing and pain management plan for your unique situation.

Get Back on the Road to Pain-Free Back Function with Help from Our Houston Chiropractors

Don’t let back pain cause setbacks to your lifestyle, productivity, and overall quality of life. Contact Precision Chiropractic at 281-606-0905 today to schedule an evaluation and treatment from our Houston chiropractic team. We want to help you get back to a pain-free daily routine!