If you’re expecting a baby, you’re no doubt working on countless tasks to prepare for the new arrival, from selecting the perfect crib to reading everything you can about child care. But your own body may need to be ready for months to come as well. Pregnancy poses some notable physical issues, from hormonal changes to shifts in spinal alignment, which is why many pregnant women experience aches and pains during this time.

Here at Precision Chiropractic in Houston, our team and Dr. Lisa Patel can provide safe, all-natural prenatal chiropractic care to help you cope.

Pregnancy’s Musculoskeletal Challenges

A mother’s body must undergo some significant, necessary changes to bring a fetus to term and enable a natural delivery. The biggest change is also the most visibly obvious — the distention of the abdomen as the fetus grows and develops in the womb, accompanied by weight gain. As this process is occurring, the pelvic ligaments also begin to loosen to permit the fetus’s eventual trip through the birth canal. The combination of these two changes causes your posture and spinal alignment to shift into a “swayback” configuration.The resulting muscle strain, joint pain, and nerve dysfunction may contribute to low back pain, neck pain, headaches, swelling of the extremities, and worsening of other common symptoms such as nausea.

A spinal misalignment can cause more than discomfort during your pregnancy; it may even threaten your baby’s birth. If the sacral vertebrae are out of alignment, they may make it difficult or impossible for the fetus to turn around in the womb for a head-downward delivery. This problem may necessitate a C-section.

Spinal Adjustments to Relieve Discomfort and Support Healthy Delivery

Trust our Houston chiropractic team to help you and your newest family member get through the months of pregnancy more easily. We can administer gentle, small, precise spinal adjustments that are both completely safe and highly beneficial for pregnant patients. These adjustments can help control spinal alignment issues, stabilizing joints and minimizing musculoskeletal aches and pains, including neck pain, low back pain, upper back pain, and headaches. They also treat pinched nerves, reducing neurological symptoms and allowing your various physical systems to operate more normally.

Let Precision Chiropractic Help You through Your Pregnancy in Houston

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