At Precision Chiropractic, our team works with you to find the best treatment for the pain you have. When it comes to shoulder pain treatment, Houston residents can depend on our chiropractor, Dr. Lisa Patel, to offer the most advanced, holistic treatment options available. It is possible to see pain improvement even if you’ve suffered from chronic pain for years.

What Is Causing Your Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is brought on by injury and disease. In some situations, it may involve severe pain and limited movement. In others, the pain develops slowly over time and becomes chronic. Our goal is to understand what’s really causing you to have limited movement and pain. Common causes of shoulder pain include:

  • Tendinitis: Both acute and chronic forms exist. The tendon, which connects the muscle to the bone, becomes inflamed and worn down.
  • Bursitis: There are fluid-filled sacs located within the shoulder that help cushion the movement of the joint. These sacs, called bursae, can become inflamed, causing significant pain and swelling.
  • Impingement: In this situation, the top of the shoulder blade places a lot of pressure on the soft tissues under it, causing pain when the arm is lifted above the head
  • Dislocation: In some situations, the shoulder can dislocate outside of the shoulder joint, often due to force. When this happens, it can be very painful.
  • Arthritis: Arthritis is a common cause of shoulder pain. It is due to inflammation in the joints that cause pain and stiffness.

Other causes of shoulder pain exist including a severe injury to the joint and tears or sprains of the tendons, muscles, and ligaments there.

Shoulder Pain Treatment from Your Chiropractor

When you come in to see your chiropractor, our goal will be to understand the underlying cause of your shoulder pain. From there, we will work with you to create a customized treatment plan. That plan may include:

Chiropractic Adjustments: Using force, we can properly align the shoulder joint properly. This may reduce inflammation, improve blood flow to the area, and encourage natural healing. It also stops pain and pressure on the nerves in the area.

Massage Therapy: Massage therapy works to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal. It can speed up healing and reduce the presence of inflammation in the area.

We may recommend additional treatment options including the use of various adjustment techniques, Kinesio taping, and corrective exercises. It is important to allow the body’s natural healing to take place. This can significantly reduce your pain and ensure proper movement of the shoulder. Even if you think you’ve struggled with pain for too long, chiropractic care can offer a solution for you. We welcome you to come in for a customized treatment plan.

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