Dry needling is a technique that involves using small, filaform needles that are inserted into trigger points within a muscle. The needle creates a muscular response that results in a release of muscular tension and provides pain relief. This treatment is safe and very effective for alleviating trigger points, decreasing pain, decreasing tension and ultimately creating better range of motion.

Conditions we treat with dry needling
Many of our patients see tremendous benefits to numerous musculoskeletal issues with integrative dry needling treatments. The needling is great for many conditions, including low back pain, neck pain, knee pain and shoulder issues. This type of treatment is widely used by athletes to restore pain-free range of motion and optimize performance. Dry needling provides great relief from injuries that occur due to overuse and poor posture, which we commonly see with people that have desk jobs. Dry needling is one of the most effective treatments for patients that come in with a “crick in their neck”. They often times cannot turn their head without a sharp pain in their neck. This is just one of the many conditions that dry needling can help treat.

What to expect during a dry needling treatment
The needles that are used are very small in size but they provide great relief from pain. The number one question we get from patients is “does dry needling hurt”? Most patients feel no discomfort during the treatment. The needles are so small that oftentimes the feeling is described as a light pressure. Patient’s often experience local muscle twitch response when the trigger point is contacted with the needle.